Timings: July 27, 2020, noon


The PROVECTUS (well the name itself is an invented word) is an independent organization aiming to extend the cultural empathy, understanding of international affairs and knowledge of the United

Nations among young people, through simulations of the United Nations, workshops and other opportunities. During the two- day online conference, our delegates learn to operate within the

structures of the international system, researching and designing policy aimed at tackling global issues and crises.

Over the course of the conference, delegates form valuable

relationships spanning cultures, borders and languages in accordance with the rules of diplomatic procedure in operation.


Model United Nations is more than an extracurricular activity. It’s a “Process” where one is able to flourish his or her capabilities through debates, negotiations and public speaking. MUN forges the personality of

a person and provides essential diplomatic values to today’s Youth. It gives an opportunity to create wide networks and connections with

people all around the world.

With this aim Provectus Model United Nations, with all due respect is organising a virtual conference to promote understanding of international diplomacy and to provide an environment in which high school students

can develop public speaking and leadership skills. We not only teach delegates to be a better diplomat but also to be a better human being

which would eventually result in a better society and world.

It is a small initiative where we can discuss about the same and help the person who is actually in need of this and at the same time to improve the current situation for the people who are living below the poverty line

so that their fundamental rights can be protected whether it is from corona or whether it is about economical condition in which they are surviving.”



1. AJAD HIND FAUJ: Supreme Commander: Anannay Gupta Advisor: Viraj Singh

2. LOK SABHA: Co-Speaker: Durgesh Pathak Co-Speaker: Samarth Sharma

3. AIPPM: Moderator: Sankalp Jha Deputy- Moderator: Dhruv Malik

4. WTO: President: Yatharth Dhingra Vice-President: Vania Duneja Rapporteur: Shresth Jalan

5. INDIAN WAR CABINET: Prime Minister: Abhimanyu Mishra Advisor: Shivam Puri

6. UNHRC: President: Shikhar Mathur Vice- President: Vaibhav Chitkara

7. STAKEHOLDERS MEET: Co-Chairperson: Zeeshan Ahmed Fareed Co-Chairperson: Abhinav Dutta Vice-Chairperson: Suryaditya Kumar Taneja

8. IP: Head of International Press: Tusharika Arora Editor-in-Chief: Umang Dhingra Head of Photography: Gaurish Chawla


To Register:

What’s App: +91 9999173962

Calling :+91 8368918421