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1. About Jemtec School of Law, Greater Noida

JIMS Engineering Management Technical Campus (JEMTEC) is a top GGSIPU affiliated college in Delhi/ NCR and also one of the best engineering colleges in Greater Noida, situated at Knowledge Park III. It is approved by All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE), Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD). JEMTEC is affiliated to Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University (GGSIPU), Delhi established since 1998, is running under the aegis of the Jagan Nath Gupta Memorial Educational Society.

The Institute has been established to cater to the growing needs of higher education in the country. In order to face the challenges of globalization and liberalization in the field of engineering, the Institute has endowed its faculty and students with modern technologies, skills and attitudes.


Debate & Discussion Society has been setup with common objective of preparing and polishing the debating skills of the students and encouraging them to participate in various competitions. With this objective, the Society has worked to organize various events in the previous semester namely Quiz Competition, Youth Parliament, Client Counseling Competition, Parliamentary Debate and Model United Nations etc. Society also has conducted training sessions for our students through their experts, alumni and faculties. Our students have won laurels in various law school competitions in every debating sphere.

3. About Legal Patra

The aim of Legal Patra (Letter) is gathering of ideas and knowledge regarding legal aspects and providing a platform for conveying it. In doing so we hope to facilitate the transition of professionals from studying the theory to applying it. We strive to bring the best talents in the legal world and allow them to convey their methods and ideas for the development of the professionals.

Visitors will find wide range of useful information including judgments, articles, career advice, questions and answers for competitive exams, seminars, legal events and much more. Our team members are all motivated and charged up to provide the students and professionals the best they deserve.

4. About The Competition

JEMTEC SCHOOL OF LAW, GREATER NOIDA, and DEBATE SOCIETY JEMTEC SCHOOL OF LAW IN COLLABORATION WITH LEGAL PATRA is conducting a Virtual National Client Counselling Competition from 17october,2020 to 19 October, 2020. The Client Counselling Competition looks at a broad aspect of how Laws learned about in classroom are actually put to effect and implement. The competition is open for only Law Students.


  1. The event shall be an online event.
  2. It shall be open only to law students (Integrated LLB/LLB/LLM)
  3. Total 20 teams of counsellors & total 20 clients can participate.
  4. Participation will be First cum first serve.
  5. Event will take place on Zoom.
  6. The Confirmation will be received by Mail.
  7. After the Registration and Conformation the counsellors and clients shall be provided with Codes.
  8. Counsellors can bring their client, but they can be interchanged.
  9. The registration fee is INR. 100 for Counsellors and INR. 50 for Clients, participating in the Event
  10. The results shall be declared and intimation shall be made to the prize winners through the mentioned mail-id.
  11. Cash prize and certificates shall be awarded.
  12. All the Participants will get Certificate for Participation, the Winners will be provided with Merit Certificate.


  1. Each team must consist of two participants only.
  2. The two participants may be from any of the 3 year or 5 year LLB & LLM course.
  3. Note: Counsellors can also bring their Clients, but there is a change that Clients can get interchanged.


  1. There shall be 3 Rounds of Counselling session.
  2. The Preliminary session
  3. The Semi-Finals; and
  4. Two teams with highest score from the Semi-Finals will be selected for the Final Counselling Session.
  5. Rules given below shall apply to both rounds.
  6. Total time given will be 20 minutes per team (for preliminary round), 35 minutes (for semi-finals) and for the finals time allowed will be 35 minutes.
  7. Each Counselling Session is divided into three parts: Consultation, private session and Post-Consultation.


  1. The consultation period shall be for 10 minutes.
  2. The time period will start from the moment the client enters the meeting (with stable internet connection).
  3. The time period is meant to be used for inter alia consultation with the client during which participants are expected to elicit the relevant information, outline the problem, find the clients expectations and propose a solution or other means of resolving the problem.
  4. During the consultation and post-consultation, the team may use books, notes and other materials.
  5. The time period is to be strictly adhered to but the judges may, in case of any reasonable circumstances provide an extra one minute to the team after which the client would necessarily leave and the post-consultation period would begin.
  6. If the extended consultation session allowed an opportunity for a team to gather more information than other teams, this circumstance should be taken into consideration by the judges in making their decision. Judges may, in their discretion, penalize teams that allow the interview session to run longer than the stipulated time period.


  1. During the discussion session, the counsels will be discussing the client’s concerns and the legal work to be undertaken, without the client present in the meeting chamber room. The participants should talk to each other loudly enough to be overheard by the judges. Judges may question the teams during the post consultation period.
  2. The private session shall be for 5 minutes


  1. In the post-consultation period the participants shall Advice the Clients and Give them the solution based on facts and law applicable to it.
  2. Participants may summarize the interview, indicate the scope of the legal work to be undertaken, and state the legal issues that should be researched. Explanation of the position or attitude taken by the students may be useful.
  3. If the students feel that some documents are appropriate, they may dictate such a document at the post consultation stage.
  4. The time period for post consultation is 5 minutes.
  5. At the completion of the time period of Post-Consultation the time Keeper shall stop the participants or signal them to stop in an obvious manner.
  6. The judges may question the participants on matters deliberated upon or mentioned by the participants or the client during the consultation of post-consultation period.
  7. The judges may ask any question which they consider material and questions meant to test the participants understanding of the facts and/or law applicable or applied by the participants in the case.

Semi-finals the total time allowed will be 35 minutes divided as follows:

  1. Consultation: 15 minutes
  2. Private Session: 10 minutes
  3. Post consultation: 10 minutes

Finals: Same rules to be applied but the total time allowed will be 45 minutes divided as follows:

  1. Consultation: 15 minutes
  2. Private Session: 10 minutes
  3. Post consultation: 10 minutes


  1. The problems shall be broadly based on but not completely limited to the following laws and participants are expected to have knowledge of any other ancillary laws and procedures:
  1. Contract law
  2. Consumer Law
  3. Family law
  4. Indian Penal Code
  5. Code of Criminal Procedure

12. Language

  1. The official language for the Competition shall be English only.

13. Dress Code

  1. The dress code for the competition is formals. Gowns and bands are not permitted to be worn by the participants in the competition. Non adherence to dress code shall attract penalty

14. Judging Criteria (total 100 marks)

  1. Alternative Courses of Action: 10 marks
  2. Client’s Goals and Expectations: 20 marks.
  3. Post-Interview Reflection: 20 marks
  4. Factual and legal analysis of the clients’ problems: 20 marks
  5. Giving advice and assisting the client make an informed choice: 20
  6. Teamwork: 10 marks

15. Grounds for Disqualification

  1. Misconduct, whether behavioral or otherwise, is not allowed and if indulges shall result in disqualification of team.
  2. Any discussion with client before competition.
  3. Cheating or using unfair means.
  4. Intimidation in any form is prohibited, and if found indulged shall result in disqualification of the team.


Registration Fees –

  1. Counsellors- Rs. 100
  2. Client- Rs.50

Paytm Wallet: 8826215667

Google Pay/ Phone Pay: 9559833263


17. Important Dates

  1. Registration Deadline                                                 15th December, 2020
  2. Day of Competition                                               17-19 December, 2020

Schedule will be shared later

Opening Ceremony                                                                17th December, 2020

Rounds shall start from 18th December at 10:00 AM.

18. Prizes

  1. Winner Rs 1200/-
  2. Runner Rs 800/-
  3. Best Counsel Rs 1000/-
  4. Best Client Rs 1000/-


19. Contacts:

  1. Faculty Convenor

Ms Tanvi Sharma (Assistant Professor)                                  

Mr. Vighnesh Balaji (Assistant Professor)

  1. Student Convenor

Durgesh Pathak                                                                      7701948873

Chandrika Semwal                                                                8826215667

Apurva Agarwal                                                                    9810550958

Email: or